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3 games 2 balls

Le 23 October 2017, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

3 games 2 balls, 1 win 1 draw 1 negative, 4-0 illusion was punctured. Manchester United last 4 ball victory is the end of September with the Crystal Palace a war, the number one hero? Scored twice on Felenie Michael Wilhoite Jersey. And since the explosion of the World Cup preliminaries injured, Borgba has not yet healed, the Red Devils attack immediately misfiring. This is enough to explain, less of the two midfielder, Mu's Manchester United's offensive operation problems, offensive means is too single, the lack of three-dimensional and hierarchical Will Pericak Jersey. 46 years later, Huddersfield once again against Manchester United, and Bobby - Charlton and Dennis - Lao also came to John - Smith Stadium. Compared with 46 years ago, the stadium has also undergone tremendous changes, when the stadium has now become a parking lot Tylor Harris Jersey, just erect a commemorative card as a sign. The same is that Manchester United is still strong Justin Britt Jersey, and home game Huddersfield is still in a weak position. Manchester City 11 straight five points lead: home 3-0 victory over Burnley, Manchester City tournament ho to take 11 straight, the league 7-game winning streak, due to the current round of Manchester United upset to Kazakhstan town, Manchester City to 5 points advantage to continue to lead The Aguero 177 ball into the team history shooter Wang: the service Aguero back from injury, the first 30 minutes he penalty into the penalty, which he scored for the Manchester City, the first 177 goals, tied Brook became Manchester City team history shooter king The

Unsteady Manchester City in the standings

Le 23 October 2017, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

Unsteady Manchester City in the standings is naturally all the way hurricane. At home while Guardiola led his team to beat Burnley at the same time, the old friend Mourinho's Manchester United lost the front, away defeat Huddersfield. In the Premiership standings, Manchester City 25 points to dominate the top Cliff Avril Jersey, throwing the second largest Manchester United has reached 5 points. Season is still very long, 5 points is not natural moat, but taking into account the strength and state K.J. Wright Jersey, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea anti-Manchester City is difficult. Indeed, the season began, but Manchester City has been exposed champion phase. 177 ball, Argentina striker Sergio Aguero chase Manchester City legend star Eric - Brooke to keep the team history record, and his monopoly Manchester City striker Wang throne is only a matter of time Richard Sherman Jersey, perhaps in the next. In the blue moon 137 years of history, no one more than Aguero scored, then this means that he has been honored as the greatest player in the history of Manchester City, become the real "king of Manchester City" it? De Boulogne reopens God's perspective! As the core of the organization of the offensive attack Nick Vannett Jersey, de Boulogne again today to show us no solution to the footwork. De Boulogne this season, the Premiership assists to reach 6 times, and David - Silva tied for first. MVP: Sarness International today contributed 1 goal and 1 assists, his breakthrough is very sharp, the state the better the better.

At the beginning of the season that

Le 23 October 2017, 08:21 dans Humeurs 0

At the beginning of the season that wave of offensive tide, Borgba played a huge role, he can control can be able to pass, one to attract each other at least two players, dorsal jihutian side of the defensive pressure to reduce the 5 assists , And Pa Pa injury, Mickey has no assists, performance is increasingly weak. In fact, Manchester United midfielder dual-core have good control ability Tyler Lockett Jersey, but the physical confrontation is its soft underbelly, there is no face to defend the ball continued to advance, disrupt the ability of the other defense, so often hit the attack three areas, The Red Devils will not go deep, can only pass back Michael Wilhoite Jersey, and this is the individual ability of outstanding Borgba's strengths. After experiencing the mini honeymoon, Wagner's tactics in the Premiership touched the wall, however, in the face of Manchester United, Wagner is pragmatic to take a defensive line, quick counterattack opportunities, and this tactic also help Huddersfield early lead. Mata, Lindelov's two mistakes, so that Moi and Debo Yi Lei Lei even into the two goals. "The noise inside the stadium is incredible, and the kids looked at their parents with suspicious eyes," BBC reporter Gary Ross said Justin Britt Jersey. Many fans are talking about their chance of meeting a fiasco, and now they are urging the players to break into the third ball. Manchester United 12 unbeaten end: after losing to Huddersfield, Manchester United 12 games this season, the unbeaten record of ancient times, which is their first defeat of the Premiership this season. While the town of Kazakhstan was nearly eight rounds of the first win. Manchester United continuous mistakes send gifts: Manchester United this field to send gifts Will Pericak Jersey, two goals are from the side of the mistakes. Phil - Jones's injury to become a turning point, the bench debut Linde Luofu led the loss of the second ball, the line of new aid performance disappointing.

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